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Do you want the benefits from of an established event booking system integrated on your website?

Hospitality Guaranteed has created a widget for its EventStop system to enable event planners to integrate the high-tech booking system into their own website for seamless promotion of their events. This allows organisers to display all their events on their own website, as well as the EventStop system for increased exposure.

People are becoming more tech savvy and guests expect to be able to register for events outside of normal business hours. By using a booking system, guests have the freedom to book in their own time; this reportedly makes the process easier, whilst reducing administration time for organisers.

To support this process further, the developers at Hospitality Guaranteed have created a widget to incorporate the features of the EventStop system into the organiser’s website meaning the visitor can utilise the search benefits of the booking system from within their own system.

The system also offers peace of mind to the purchaser as it provides a secure payment gateway and issues a receipt immediately.

How it works:

  1. Set up an account in EventStop
  2. Upload your event information to EventStop
  3. Download/install widget
  4. Start taking bookings
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