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North East

Headland Festival Group EventStop Case Study

It’s easy to face the music with EventStop

The Project

The Headland Festival Group is made up of volunteers who organise music events, performances and workshops, working in association with local councils for the communities they serve.

Working around full-time jobs and other commitments, the organisers needed a system that was quick and easy to manage, with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of ticket options as required.

The Solution

For years, the Headland Festivals Group managed all event registration and administration manually, spending time collating spreadsheets and chasing payments.

Event organiser, Natalie, needed a system that could not only manage this process but also be flexible enough to accommodate each of the varying events held – without taking time to set up.

EventStop was trialled by the organisation following a recommendation by Natalie’s colleague.

“We previously used very simple, third party ticket booking systems which only allowed for ticket sales and nothing else. With the ability to chase guests at the touch of a button, take payment online and access detailed reports of all attendees and their details, EventStop has been a breath of fresh air!” Said Natalie.

Having used EventStop for six events so far, Natalie and her team have found the system offers unparalleled flexibility, especially when a variety of ticket options may be required.

“Due to the variety of events we host, we required a range of tickets; anything from one to three options per event. EventStop makes it easy to set up as many options as needed from our side, but also means the whole booking process for our customers is just as simple.”

But would she recommend EventStop to other music event organisers? “Yes! If you’re looking for a tool that’s quick from start to finish for everyone using it, this is definitely the system for you!”

To find out more about how EventStop can help you save time, visit or call 0344 822 3227.

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