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NWR EventStop Case Study

The Project

The National Women’s Register (NWR) holds a national conference annually, changing location each year, which includes two days of activity as well as the opportunity for delegates to take advantage of dinner reservations, city tours and other activities in the location of choice.

The conference is open to members and the public, and provides an opportunity to connect with one another, listen to guest speakers and inspire future members. The organisation also hosts other, smaller events with fewer guests and additional options.

The Solution

"Before EventStop, we manually input everything. The booking form was on the back of our magazine and guests would send it in to the office with a cheque or proof of BACS payment," said Natalie Punter, event organiser for the National Women’s Register.

"It was then up to the office staff to enter the booking details onto a database and do the banking, leaving room for error and using a huge amount of time for the admin team that could be better spent on other activities."

NWR came to EventStop as the two-day conference has over 20 different ticket options for guests including menu choices, additional activities and workshop areas, which other systems are unable to manage in a simple process.

"Initially price was our biggest consideration", said Natalie, "but the responsiveness of the team has become a big factor in why we will continue to use EventStop. Having someone at the end of the phone or email gives us the security to know that any issues are dealt with quickly and there’s always help available."

EventStop was created to make event planning easy and simple, taking time away from administration processes to be put back into the organisation of the event itself. Something that NWR is definitely benefitting from! “The system has everything in one place,” said Natalie. “Our financial processes are much smoother, both to receive and refund ticket sales.

“Adding multiple ticket options is so easy – unusual when we have so many! And now we have optimised the way we work with EventStop through regular use, NWR has saved days of work that can instead be used to do the fantastic work of the organisation.”

But would she recommend EventStop to other event organisers?

“Absolutely!” exclaims an enthusiastic Natalie. “It is excellent value and the team are fantastic – hugely receptive, responsive and friendly!”

To find out more about how EventStop can help you save time, visit or call 0344 822 3227.

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