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Making Something Happen

Making Something Happen EventStop Case Study

The Project

Making Something Happen is a Teesside-based charity which raises time from businesses and individuals to help looked after children with special educational needs in the area, helping them to experience work, learn and improve skills as well as increasing job prospects and career potential.

When organising their ‘thank you’ events and introduction days, the charity was looking for an efficient system to manage their attendees.

Well, as you know, we’re nothing if not efficient.

The Solution

“EventStop made the whole organisation process easy from start to finish” explains Founder, Steve Gordon.

“As a charity, our time is precious and we have a significant amount of pressure upon us at all times to make sure our time is being spent wisely. Using EventStop to send invitations and track responses was awesome as it meant we didn’t have to take time out to call or send individual emails to chase.”

Using EventStop means organisers can track all responses without creating a separate document or checking different pages.

The system also provides the option to chase guests without disturbing those who have already responded, saving administration time for the organiser by removing the need to filter guests and responses.

“We would certainly recommend this system to event organisers as the process is so quick and smooth” said Steve.

To find out more about how EventStop can help you track your guests and save time, visit or call 0344 822 3227.

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