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Divas & Diamonds EventStop Case Study

The Project

Annual charity ball organised by a committee of North East business women, set up to raise funds for charities in the North East of England. 10th year of the Divas & Diamonds Ball on Saturday 16 November 2019 at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.

The Divas & Diamonds Ball is organised on a voluntary basis by a committee of ladies from different businesses in the North East. Each committee member has a different role, be it financial, sales, networking, fundraising, etc

The Solution

We wanted to capitalise on guests being able to make an instant booking, rather than having to call or email to get further details of the event, especially during weekends and evenings.

After a couple of initial hitches (user error rather than system!) using EventStop has contributed immensely to the growth of ticket sales in 2019. Any questions or queries were immediately answered along with suggestions as to how to best utilise the system to maximum effect.

Being able to make instant bookings via EventStop is one of the best features along with getting an email notification to show that a booking has been made.

It’s a huge plus to be able to use our own Divas branding on the landing page, especially as we have returning guests, year after year. To be able to, if necessary, continually update the page as well is a bonus.

Mainly being able to assist with any queries we had and with the system handling the majority of the bookings, made the process seamless this year.

Once we were familiar with the system, time was definitely saved as we were able to see exactly how many bookings had been made, payments, and creating the invoices so we didn’t have to do it ourselves as in the past. Being able to use this information for sending tickets, confirmations, etc was a big aid. Using the EventStop link on social media definitely helped to create a professional image, not to mention giving further details of the event.

But would you recommend EventStop to other event organisers?

“We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending EventStop, due to the level of ease in creating and managing events and the helpfulness of the team in answering questions relating to our event.”

To find out more about how EventStop can help you save time, visit or call 0344 822 3227.

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