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Greggs EventStop Case Study

The Project

Greggs is the UK's leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer.

The firm hosts a number of events throughout the year for a variety of delegates and guests, including staff, directors and suppliers.

Due to the amount of events, the company was looking for a solution to streamline the management of attendees, maintain brand identity and, most importantly, save time.

That’s where we came in!

The Solution

Having previously been managing all elements of guest registration manually, calling non-responders individually and taking time away from her main duties, event organiser, Michelle, was looking for a system that would look after all this for her.

Michelle decided to give EventStop a try and hasn’t looked back since.

She said: "I have used EventStop for three events and cannot fault it."

“We mainly use this to collate responses for attendance and choices – such as menus or seminars. Before using EventStop, I would spend days calling individuals to find out this information, now I can do it at the push of a button!”

Michelle is referring to EventStop’s unique feature of sending one chase email to all invitees, with outstanding responses meaning there is no wasted time filtering data, making unnecessary calls or updating excel spreadsheets.

“I can now simply login and see how many responses are outstanding on my dashboard. When the deadline comes, all I need to do is export the data in one final excel sheet and I have a master document already made for me,” continued Michelle.

“The time it saves is incredible – for me days - and I would recommend this system to any other event organisers.”

To find out more about how EventStop can help you save time, visit or call 0344 822 3227.

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